Join the Movement: The One Health Story Campaign runs November 30th, 2020, through March 31ST, 2021.     

If you’re working on a project in any area of One Health, we need to hear from you.  In a year like 2020, more than ever, the work happening in One Health needs to be highlighted.

Let’s create more collaboration, learning, and action in One Health. Tell the story about your work combining the expertise of physicians, research scientists, veterinarians, and other professionals to find solutions for medical problems and to address the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment, whether it’s brand new or completed.  Work in any of the key areas of One Health (natural animal models, human-animal interactions, zoonotic diseases, or environment-animal-human intersections) is welcome.

This is a joint effort between COHA and EnRICHLY.  Stories will be shared on social media, the COHA website, and the EnRICHLY platform.

Submit your story