Jenni Punt, VMD, PhD is an immunologist who has spent most of her career integrating research and teaching . She was a Biology Professor at Haverford College for eighteen years, during which she and her students worked to understand the molecular and cellular regulation of T cell and hematopoietic stem cell development. An Associate Dean for Student Research at Columbia University’s School of Physicians and Surgeons from 2013-2015, she was the founding director of an MD/MSc dual degree program focused on medical scholarship and continued to investigator the regulation of hematopoiesis with students in the laboratory. Tempted back to the School of Veterinary Medicine at UPenn (after an educational adventure teaching advanced biology in high school), she is now developing new educational programs as the Associate Dean of One Health and Professor in the Pathobiology Department. Her research on immune cell regulation continues, and she works at Penn Vet with undergraduate and veterinary students to understand the role of IGF1, a growth factor that plays a role in determining dog size, in immune cell activity.