Dr. Yoko Ambrosini is a new Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and she joins the Small Animal Internal Medicine team. After she earned a DVM in Japan, she went to University of California Davis where she received a Master of Preventative Veterinary Medicine and Ph.D. in Comparative Pathology. She completed rotating and medicine internships at private hospitals in California, then completed Small Animal Internal Medicine residency at Tufts University. After that, she went to Iowa State University and the University of Texas at Austin for postdoctoral training. Her clinical interests include various diseases in Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary diseases. Her lab focuses on understanding the normal and disease physiology while integrating organoid culture and organ-on-a-chip technologies. Outside of the hospital and the lab, Yoko spends time with her family (husband, four kids, and a cat) cooking, running, doing crafts and exploring the Palouse.