The COHA supported Pilot Grant Program enables innovative cross-CTSA collaboration, with the goal of overcoming system-wide barriers to translational effectiveness. These collaborative grants leverage existing strengths and resources at each CTSA, while building veterinary/medical partnerships for the benefit of both human and animal patients.

The COHA Pilot Grant Program is accepting applications with a Due date of October 30, 2023. 


CTSA One Health Alliance (COHA)

2023 Call for Pilot Grant Proposals

Scope of requested proposals

COHA is calling for pilot project proposals that will:

  • Enhance translational science to the benefit of human and animal patients.
  • AND Prioritize areas of emphasis as embodied in the four COHA subcommittees:
    • Clinical studies
    • Tissue and DNA banking
    • Clinician scientist training
    • Communication and collaboration
  • AND Include cross-CTSA collaboration among no fewer than 3 COHA institutions.


Proposals may address activities such as collaborative infrastructure for multi-center data collection and sample storage, research training workshops or modules, or developing innovative methods of communication across health professionals.  The targeted time frame should be 1-2 years.

Note: Supporting individual hypothesis-driven research is NOT within the scope of these pilot grants.


Award Information

One COHA veterinary school per proposal must be designated as the lead for purposes of grant management. Principal/co-principal investigator must hold a faculty position at a COHA member institution. Additional eligible academic partners must be affiliated with COHA member institutions or be justified as invited industry, government or foundation partners. Proposals addressing COHA subcommittee priorities and with subcommittee support are preferred. All NIH guidelines regarding use of animals, human subjects or biohazards must be met.


Application and submission information

Applications will include:

1) Research Plan (maximum length 3 pages):

    • Abstract: Summary of key features of the proposal including concise listing of partners, aims and rationale, methodology, metrics/outcomes assessment and impact. Maximum length 400 words.
    • Specific Aims: Indicate how the project will contribute to advancing translational science and build on COHA subcommittee initiatives.
    • Research Strategy:
      • Statement of problem and its significance to translational research.
      • Rationale for the proposed activity. If successful, how would the proposed activity address the problem, enhance some aspect of translational science, or strengthen the role of veterinary/medical translational partnerships.
      • Methodology used to accomplish specific aims. The description should include each institution’s role and responsibilities. Each partner must consent to inclusion in the proposal.
      • Potential obstacles and solutions. Address concerns such as possible delays or poor enrollment/engagement.
      • Outcomes assessment.  Describe how will project success be evaluated or defined.

2) Itemized budget and justification: Maximum award: $25,000

    • The itemized budget should include expenses and brief justification (e.g., personnel, supplies, equipment/facilities, travel and other) over 1-2 years.
    • Institutional cost-sharing is encouraged but is not mandatory.
    • No indirect cost return is allowed as funding for this program comes directly from grantee institutions.
    • No-cost extensions may be requested by the PI no later than one month prior to termination of grant. Requests should be sent to Lauren Trepanier ([email protected]) and should include justification, balance to be carried forward, and anticipated completion date for proposed activities.

3) List of key personnel and their roles

4) NIH style biosketches (2- 5 pp) for each PI and Co-PI.


  • All materials should be submitted as a single pdf to Dr. Rowan Milner, Chair of COHA Pilot Working Group [email protected] by  October 30, 2023

Review of Applications

Applications will be reviewed by the COHA Pilot Grant Working Group. Proposals will be assigned overall scores based on all 3 criteria described under Scope, as well as the quality of presentation and potential for substantial impact on translational research. A ranked list of proposals will be provided to the deans of COHA schools for review and final approval.

Funds will be accounted and dispersed through the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC).

The targeted start date for funding is March 1, 2024.

Communication and Final Report: Results must be communicated to COHA and CTSA partners, including submission of a final report (max 2 pages) within 3 months of completion of the project.



Previously Awarded Pilot Grant Summaries:

Grant Resources:

Grant opportunities and funded awards inline with COHA's mission can be shared by the COHA community. These resources can be found below.