What is the Research Workbench?

The Research Workbench is an extension of the CTSA One Health Alliance (COHA) designed to facilitate multi-site collaboration and access to de-identified patient data in a searchable online database. This tool functions as an instrument for cohort discovery which utilizes electronic medical record (EMR) and Pubmed data to facilitate evidence-based research through a common data model (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership; OMOP) modified for use with veterinary data (OMOPV5+).


This approach allows data to be integrated across EMRs from multiple institutions, and transforms data into a format with common terminologies and coding schemes that can be used to perform systemic multi-institutional analyses. Clinicians and investigators can leverage this tool to construct multi-site cohort discovery inquires and systemic reviews, facilitating identification of collaborator institutions to accelerate multi-site research studies.

Who can Access

Access to the Research Workbench is restricted to contributing CTSA affiliates and can be requested by registering for an account. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for Research Workbench access, we recommend collaborating with a CTSA member institution. Here is a list of COHA member institutions and contact information.

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